The Darkness

The Darkness is a first person shooter developed by Starbreeze Studios and published by 2K Games. It was inspired by the popular comic book series produced by Top Cow Productions, Inc. of the same title. You play as Jackie Estacado, a member of the Franchetti crime family. On his 21st birthday, Jackie inherits the evil powers of the Darkness. You must learn the history of the Darkness while also fighting to control it so you can restore order to the infamous crime family.

The game has many Biblical references surrounding how the Darkness came to be that aren't fully understood until completing the entire series. All you know is that the Darkness has been in the Estacado family for many, many generations and now you have its powers. Though the powers make you nearly invincible, Paulie Franchetti, your uncle and the don of the New York mafia, is afraid of how strong you are becoming.

You have no problem fighting off the mob with your powers, that is, until you find the Darkness slowly taking over you like a parasite. With every kill, you find the Darkness slowly taking more and more control over you. Throughout the game you are constantly struggling with the Darkness over control of your own body. Before you know it, the Darkness has taken everything you ever loved away from you. This makes the Darkness the new antagonist of the game while you try to destroy it.

Game Play:

The Darkness is the first game of the series and where your Darkness powers awaken within you. This one relies heavily on shooting from the shadows, whether at enemies or just lights. You are just unlocking your powers, so you are much more limited on what you can do with them compared to the second installment. The controls take a little while to get used to, but once you get the hand of it you will be mutilating your enemies in no time.

The entire game plays around the concept of light and dark. If you walk into the light, your powers will be rendered useless. This means you will constantly find yourself looking for and destroying lights like a true creature of the night.

The amazing characterization and the fun of striking terror in your foes makes up for these minor limitation. You will genuinely feel you are part of the Italian mod family. The dark themes, unique characters, plot twists, and non-stop action will keep you wanting more.

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