The Darkness 2

The Darkness II is where you begin to further your understanding of the Darkness and how you can control it, or how it can control you. The relationship between you and the Darkness is very strained by this point thanks to the events of the first game. You are trying to repress it, but you also desire the power. Like a devil on your shoulder, the same evil voice is there tempting you to rip your enemies' spines out their back.

It's been two years since the events of the first game, and it begins with Jackie having a nice dinner with two pretty ladies. The dinner is abruptly ended when bullets begin flying from a rival mob's attempt at a hit on Jackie. Jackie is seriously injured by an explosion and about to be executed when the Darkness calls out to him. The only way for him to survive is to use the Darkness powers once again.

After the battle is over, Jackie begins to hunt down the people who ordered the hit. Jackie talks to Johnny Powell about what he knows, and he explains that a secret society called the Brotherhood wants to take the Darkness powers away from him by using the Siphon, a mystical artifact created by an entity called the Angelus for the pure purpose of containing the Darkness.

Now Jackie is on a mission to find out what the Brotherhood knows about the Darkness and why they want it. Throughout the game Jackie is constantly falling asleep and waking up in a psychiatric ward. Everyone you know is in there, including Jenny. The doctors and nurses tell Jackie that he is mentally ill and the Darkness is all a figment of his imagination.

The janitor of the ward, who represents the Darkling, is the only one who believes that you are sane. He tells you that the ward is just a place the Darkness sends you when you die so it can repair you and keep you from going to Hell. Figuring out which world is real and which isn't becomes more and more as you are forced to pick which you believe to be true, insanity or darkness.

Game Play:

Even more gory than the last, you now have the ability to control your Darkness arms in a much more natural and commanding way. Not only are you impaling your enemies with your arms, you are using their corpses' as shields, throwing them at each other, and eating their hearts (your source of health) even faster. You can swing car doors, poles, fire extinguishers and anything else you can find with incredible force, decapitating, mutilating, and severing the limbs of your foes.

The plot throws you twist after twist as the story goes on. Throughout the game, Jackie is questioning his sanity, seeing delusions of his dead girlfriend and flashing back and forth from an insane asylum and what he thinks is real life. At the end of the game. This peaks your curiosity and keeps you wanting to learn more and more about the Darkness inside of you.

The game is very short and leaves you wanting more. Good thing it has a "New Game+" option so you can go back with your newly unlocked Darkness powers and shred your enemies to pieces, eat their hearts, decapitate them, or even use the Darkness equivalent of a grenade and throw a black hole at them. At the end of the day, you will never have so much fun cutting people in two.

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